Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 PlayStation 4 1

If you’ve been itching for an intergalactic RPG to occupy you through the cold winter months, then you can do much worse than Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare’s trilogy of remastered classics. The game is now included as part of EA Play on both PS5 and PS4, and is available to download at no extra cost if you’re a member.

It joins a growing vault of software, which also includes recent EA releases like It Takes Two. You can find the full selection of All EA Play Games on PS5, PS4 through the link. The download for Mass Effect weighs in at just over 85GB, so is a big’un – but it does compile three monstrous games at the end of the day, so it makes sense.

“Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the remastered collection that the trilogy deserves,” we wrote in our huge Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 review. “Playing these games back-to-back showcases the immensely impressive scope of BioWare's series – an ambitious project the likes of which we haven't seen since.”