In an announcement that will no doubt tempt editor Stephen Tailby back to its toy racer, Hot Wheels Unleashed is following its Batman crossover with a season of SpongeBob SquarePants. This update – available on 20th January, shortly after we’re publishing this article – will include an all-new ladder of free and premium content.

You can look forward to six themed vehicles based on fan-favourite characters like Plankton and Patrick, as well as new customisation items and gear and coins. Obviously, you’ll need to buy-in to the season to get the good stuff, and to be honest we’re not overly keen on how progression works in this particular game’s Battle Pass. Frankly, it’s glacial, and seems poorly integrated.

Nevertheless, the season will end on 29th March, so you’ve got plenty of time to dig in. You can check out a trailer embedded above: which new car do you like the look of most?