There’s no smoke without fire, and clearly changes are afoot when it comes to PS Plus and PS Now. While Sony is yet to announce what its plans entail, Bloomberg has gone on record with internal documentation that hints at a new tiered subscription model. From what we understand, the existing PS Plus model will continue to exist, but the platform holder will introduce higher tiers as it seeks to strengthen its services and close the gap with Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Last year, the manufacturer put 3-month subscriptions to streaming service PS Now on sale, but kept the annual option at full-price. It’s since pulled 12-month subscription vouchers out of retailers in the UK and North America. So, clearly, changes are coming.

And while this is, admittedly, a stretch, a fan on Twitter noticed that it changed the wording on February 2022’s PS Plus promotional banner. For well over a year now, it’s subtitled its monthly PS Plus giveaways with the slogan “For PlayStation Plus members”. However, this month it changed the wording to “Available this month at no extra cost”.

It’s a minor thing, but it would perhaps reinforce the idea that additional tiers will be layered on top of the established PS Plus offerings, which will be available for more money – similar to Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack. We looked back through over a year’s worth of PS Plus giveaways, and there’s no question the language has changed.

It could, of course, mean nothing in the grand scheme of things – but the timing is suspicious considering the aforementioned Project Spartacus rumours. Let’s hope the Japanese giant makes a full and official announcement imminently, as we’re really eager to learn what it’s got in store for us.