This is the year when Sony unveils and capitalises on its plans to share some sort of PlayStation integration with social service Discord, and it looks like work is already going on behind the scenes. First spotted by Reddit users and then corroborated by MP1ST, a Discord user was able to link a PSN account to their profile. It doesn't sound like they were able to actually do anything with this newfound connectivity, but the classic PlayStation logo was presented alongside Reddit, Spotify, Steam, Twitch, and Twitter connections.

PSN Discord

Apparently, the PSN logo is sourced from a beta version of Discord and isn't live in the final version of the service just yet. Digging into the code, MP1ST reports you'll be able to display what PS5, PS4 game you're currently playing through Discord. This is a rather basic implementation, though, so we expect Discord to offer much more when it hits Sony systems later on in 2022.

We shared our own thoughts on what Discord integration could mean for PS5, PS4 over the Christmas break, explaining how "it could change the way we play together". What do you hope to get out of Sony's investment in Discord? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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