Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary

Square Enix will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts with a live event in Tokyo on 10th April 2022. There won't be a livestream for fans to watch, but a VOD will be available "at a later date", the official Twitter account says. It will play host to "a mini concert, a chat and Q&A with the development team, an exhibition and much more".

While the event won't be something Kingdom Hearts fans can tune in live for, you have to assume any major reveals will be shared with the world. Players have already drawn comparisons with the Shibuya Hikarie skyscraper, which is both where the event will take place and features in the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind fight with Yozora.

Of course, we'll share any announcements Square Enix makes here on the site. Do you want to see the next Kingdom Hearts game? Believe in your heart in the comments below.