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How many hours does it take to beat Horizon Forbidden West? While we don't have a definitive answer to that question, we now have a pretty big clue as to how long we can expect the sequel to be. German site GamePro managed to glean some information about Aloy's upcoming adventure from game director Mathijs de Jonge, including a rough idea of how many hours we'll spend hunting robots.

After running the webpage through Google Translate, we learn that Forbidden West is apparently "about as long as its predecessor". Horizon Zero Dawn is a fairly meaty action RPG you can put dozens of hours into if you want to see everything. It sounds like the sequel will be more or less of equal scope.

The publication went a step further and pulled some data from HowLongToBeat. According to the site, Horizon Zero Dawn takes (on average) about 22 hours to finish the main story, 44 hours if you also include side quests, and 60 or more if you do absolutely everything. By the sound of it, we can expect Horizon Forbidden West to be approximately the same, so at least 20 hours if you're only concerned with the main path.

Being basically the same length is what we were expecting from Forbidden West, really. It doesn't need to be hundreds of hours long, but it is nice to know it's a full scale entry that'll last fans a good while. What are your thoughts? Is this about what you were hoping for from the sequel's length? Clear those diaries in the comments section below.

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