Hitman 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Hitman 3’s hotly anticipated Year 2 update is available to download now on the PlayStation 5 and PS4, with the file size weighing in at a whisker over 2GB or so. The headline addition – on consoles, at least – is the new Elusive Target Arcade, which includes permanent additions of multi-faceted missions featuring these previously time-limited targets.

“Our launch batch of three Arcade Contracts will be added to Hitman 3, one for each game in the trilogy,” Danish developer IO Interactive explains. “Across the launch batch of Arcade Contracts, you’ll be able to revisit 11 different Elusive Targets across 10 locations. The three contracts will be permanently available via the Arcade, whether you succeed or not.”

Completing any one of the three Elusive Target Arcade missions will unlock the Krugermeier 2-2 Dark for use across the rest of the game. The update also cleans up a number of bugs, including some audio issues on PS5 and more specific gameplay glitches across a number of the release’s regions. You can browse the full patch notes through here.

[source ioi.dk]