Oh, wow – they’re really doing it. GRID Legends’ campaign will be filled with FMV cut-scenes, as Codemasters tries to recreate that recognisable Netflix-style documentary format to anchor its races. You’ll go behind-the-scenes at racing team Seneca, learning more about the characters and competitors on the GRID competing to become legends. It’s basically Drive to Survive with a stuffed crust.

The acting is toe-curling, as evidenced by the 40 minutes of footage embedded above, but we’re here for every single second of it. It’s all been shot on virtual sets, similar to shows like The Mandalorian. To be fair to the game, the racing looks decent, and a refreshing alternative to Gran Turismo 7 if you prefer more arcade-style track racers. Check it out above, and cringe with us in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com]