Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Destruction AllStars, the long-forgotten PlayStation 5 crash-‘em-up, is completely rebooting its scoring system in an attempt to encourage more skilful gameplay. Mechanics in the original release were criticised for seemingly serving little purpose, like the on-foot parkour and melee combat. Wreckognition will attempt to fix that by encouraging players to chain together moves.

Each technique you perform will boost your combo differently, so you’ll get a smattering of points for swapping vehicle but even more for triggering a demolition. As you chain together more and more techniques your combo will multiply, giving you greater visual feedback on your actions. Moreover, you’ll need to execute these moves to unlock your hero vehicle, which was previously obtained passively.

In order to explain all of these new systems, developer Lucid Games is integrating a new tutorial section, which will help to get new and returning players up-to-speed. It’s all part of a big update planned to release on 26th January, which the studio hopes will revive the ailing combat racer’s fortunes. Is this enough to convince you to give it another go?