Dying Light 2: Staying Alive feels like the forgotten February release, sandwiched between juggernauts like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West – but the original co-op zombiethon was a huge hit for Polish developer Techland, and we certainly wouldn’t rule out its sequel from repeating that success. Delays have definitely blunted enthusiasm for the follow-up, but it feels like it’s on the home straight now.

Part of that last lap to launch includes drip-feeding little pieces of trivia, like this one: there are over 500 different pieces of unique gear in the final game. That’s a lot of shoes, jackets, gloves, et al – presumably all with different properties and buffs. Building loadouts is a big part of the fun in games of this ilk, so it’s reassuring to learn that there’ll be plenty of variety to play around with. And if the first entry is anything to go by, there’ll be no shortage of post-release support either.

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