Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks like the brand new Jet Set Radio adventure that SEGA's seemingly not interested in giving us. Developed by Team Reptile, this colourful arcade game is clearly filling the void left by the publisher's beloved series. Just take a look at this latest gameplay clip, and you'll see it's hitting all the right beats.

One difference revealed in this video is the fact you can transition from running around on-foot to performing slick combos with a BMX, skateboard, or inline skates. Leaving aside comparisons to JSR for a second, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks to be a refreshing, super fun adventure in its own right. Tricking across the city and exploring the streets looks like it'll be a blast, especially with that art style and a promising soundtrack.

There's still no concrete release date, but the game will hopefully land on PlayStation sometime this year. Are you excited for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? Grind into the comments section below.