Weird West, the upcoming isometric immersive sim from ex-Arkane developers WolfEye Studios, is going to take a little longer than expected to release on the PlayStation 4. Originally due out in January, an open and honest Raphael Colantonio admits that it’s just not quite ready yet, and thus has been pushed to 31st March, 2022. “It’s almost there,” he promises.

“The game continues to be tested thoroughly and is also in a private beta right now: the feedback is fantastic but, as with the case of any immersive sim, there are a lot of variables that can lead to unintended consequences,” a press release continues. “The team wants to take some time to iron out those bugs, accidental dead ends, and other bothersome issues.”

That all seems fair enough to us. We’re sure this decision didn’t come lightly, but if it results in a better overall experience, then it’ll ultimately be for the best.