If you've been waiting for Circuit Superstars to come to PlayStation 4, you're finally in luck. Square Enix Collective announced this game back in 2019, and we were starting to wonder what was happening. It turns out the game has been in early access on PC since it was unveiled, and released on Xbox earlier this year (hence the trailer above). Now, it's PS4's turn at last.

The game might look like Micro Machines, but it's apparently far more hardcore than that. While it is cartoonish and presented from a bird's eye view, this is intended to be a racing simulation, with the on-track action the star of the experience. You'll need to keep your vehicle's handling, damage, and more in mind as you screech around each track, even keeping pit stops in mind.

There are some single-player championships to conquer, but it seems as though the real appeal is in improving your driving, perfecting your lap times, and competing online. There's also split-screen multiplayer, which is always nice to see.

The game is now scheduled to arrive on 27th January 2022 for PS4. Are you excited to take this one for a test drive? Tell us in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]