Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Unfortunately, we didn’t love prequel detective-‘em-up Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, but Frogwares is committed to populating its tropical open world with new content. The game’s first story-based DLC expansion, Beyond a Joke, is available to download on the PS Store now; it’ll cost you £3.99/$4.99 individually, or is included as part of the Season Pass.

Billed as a one-hour add-on, “Sherlock has to face off against a master thief who is targeting Cordona’s ultra-rich and doing so with brazen gusto and open mockery”. Two further story mission will release in 2022, based on “Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and a mysterious shadow figure, only known as M”.

Will you be playing this new mission, or did you give Chapter One a wide berth after its muted reviews? Solve the case in the comments section below.