We won't lie to you: we probably wouldn't be writing about Phantom Breaker: Omnia if it wasn't for how ridiculous this release date trailer is. We totally missed this thing when it was published last week, but it's been brought to our attention by a meme-loving reader.

The game itself doesn't look bad — more than a bit generic, maybe — but the trailer is something else. This is mostly thanks to the hilariously over-the-top voiceover, which spouts incredible lines like "OHH YEEAH!", "The fire in my heart is burning!", "Is your body ready?!", "20 different characters, are you okay?!", "Maximum c-c-c-combos! Maximum fun!", and who could forget "Fighting! Lots and lots of fighting! Oh my! Spicy!".

Phantom Breaker: Omnia c-c-c-combos to PlayStation 4 on the 15th March, 2022, but unfortunately, this announcer guy isn't actually in the game. Remember to repeat your favourite line from the trailer in the comments section below.