Enthusiasm for The Matrix has bubbled back up to the surface lately, with the aptly titled The Matrix Resurrections bringing back the iconic sci-fi story with a brand new sequel. The movie is due to hit theatres on 22nd December, and it looks as though Warner Bros. might be planning more than just a two-hour flick.

Today, vigilant fans have discovered something called The Matrix Awakens. Whatever it is, this has appeared on the PlayStation Store's backend, with only a single image to work off:

As the image says, this is being referred to as an "Unreal Engine 5 experience". Presumably, this means we're looking at some sort of interactive film tie-in that takes advantage of Epic's latest game engine tech. Whatever it turns out to be, it should at least look extremely good.

We'll obviously bring you any more news about this as it happens. One thing to consider is, not only is the film out in the coming weeks, but The Game Awards is very close now. Could this be formally announced at Keighley's show? We'll have to wait and see.

[source reddit.com, via twitter.com]