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Update: Would you believe it, while we were writing this article, news came out that the PS Direct UK invitations have not been working.

Apparently, Sony issued a follow-up email to invitees, apologising for technical issues preventing anyone from purchasing a PS5:

The email states "another exclusive event" will come in the near future, giving people another chance at nabbing a console. Hopefully it works next time.

Original Story: Looking to buy a PlayStation 5 console before Christmas? Sony might have you covered. PlayStation Direct in the UK, which only launched last month, has been sending out invites to prospective PS5 purchasers, giving them the chance to try and snag one of the elusive consoles.

If you've previously signed up to the site for updates, you should check your email inbox to see if you've received an invitation. The email contains a unique link to PlayStation Direct UK, although it's worth noting that an email doesn't guarantee a console. PS5s are available today "while stocks last", and it seems like somewhat of a lottery.

Your odds are higher buying a PS5 through PS Direct, though — to place an order, you first have to sign into a PSN account, reducing opportunities for scalpers to bag up all the stock. Additionally, PS5 consoles are restricted to one per customer.

So, take a look at your inbox to see if you've received one of these invites. Have you managed to secure a PS5 yet? Tell us in the comments section below.

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