There were a bunch of big games shown off at The Game Awards, but one smaller title that caught our eye was Tchia. This indie title isn't a new announcement, but each time we see it, we're reminded that it looks just lovely.

Playing as a young inhabitant of a tropical island setting, you can possess any animal or object you come across, using its unique characteristics to your advantage. You can fly as a bird, crawl as a crab, or, er, roll around and fling yourself at enemies as a lantern. It looks like a lot of fun.

The picturesque adventure seems to be open world, with a free climbing mechanic and glider letting you get just about anywhere. The trailer features pre-alpha gameplay, but it's already looking like a winner.

Tchia is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 in Spring 2022. Are you interested in this one? Take flight in the comments section below.