To be brutally honest, we’re still puzzled how developer Spiders got publisher Nacon to greenlight Steelrising. Conceptually, this is one of the stranger high-budget productions we’ve seen on consoles in quite some time: it’s set during the French revolution in Paris – except Louis XVI has formed a mechanical army of steampunk soldiers. If you’ve not seen this in motion before, check out the trailer, it’s unlike anything before. The title’s targeting a June 2022 release window.

You’ll play as Aegis, “an engineering marvel [taking] on the king’s ranks of automatons and [attempting to] change the course of history”. This is a character action game so expect demanding combat-focused gameplay, set in a steampunk rendition of France’s famous capital. It’s such a strikingly unusual release that we’ve earmarked this as one we’d love to try, but has it caught your attention at all? Faites-nous savoir dans la section commentaires ci-dessous.