Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered, which is still only available through the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales, will soon be treated to a further two costumes taken straight from upcoming blockbuster film Spider-Man: No Way Home. There is the new red, blue, and gold suit that has featured prominently in past trailers as well as a black and gold get-up perfect for some stealth action. Both of them feature in the new trailer above, and will be available in-game for free starting 10th December 2021. The movie itself then hits theatres one week later.

To be clear, these two new costumes won't be patched into the PS4 version of Marvel's Spider-Man — this is just for the remastered edition on PS5. That's a bit of a shame, especially considering the slightly convoluted process behind actually buying it. Will you boot up Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered and take these two new suits for a swing? Get excited for the movie in the comments below.