Sony has acquired a lot of developers in 2021, but it’s also signed partnerships with exciting new teams like Deviation Games and Haven Studios. These aren’t particularly engaging unveilings because the outfits are just finding their feet, but they are led by veteran visionaries, like former Treyarch chief Jason Blundell in the former’s case.

That studio now has over 100 employees, and following a rigorous pre-production period, is about to begin work on its first game. “When we set up Deviation Games it was deviate away from the normal, the boring, the humdrum – the things we’ve seen a hundred times,” he explained in a new video. He added that he wants his team’s debut title to be instantly recognisable from screenshots.

“No story, no matter how good it is, matters if the gameplay is no fun,” he continued. “The holy grail that we are looking for is the marriage between game design and storytelling.” It’s probably safe to assume that the developer is making a first-person shooter, although Blundell talks about innovating a lot and finding ways his team can push the medium forward.

It’s unlikely we’ll see much of the project in 2022, but this will certainly be one to look forward to in the future. And it’s exciting to see Sony taking a chance on talented new teams, as it’s surely going to diversify the PS5’s portfolio. We’ll be following Deviation Games closely as it settles into its debut project and really begins to start work.