The Game Awards is set to go live later this week, and as usual, Geoff Keighley is talking up the show big time. In the run up to Geoff's very own E3 presentation awards ceremony, some trickles of info are starting to emerge. One such tease comes from Sonic the Hedgehog's official Twitter account, which has now effectively confirmed the character's presence at the show.

Of course, this got a response from the main man, and the back and forth between Sonic and Geoff clearly hints at SEGA's mascot putting in some sort of appearance.

Fans have naturally reached a couple of possible conclusions from this exchange. Firstly, there's that mysterious new Sonic game coming next year, rumoured to be named Sonic Frontiers. Could we finally be getting more info on that? Secondly, there's the chance of a new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the movie sequel. We suppose the "why not both" girl would have a point here, as well.

Whatever the case, it seems we can expect to see something starring the blue, spiny speedster. Clearly, though, they won't do better than to make a Sonic and Geoff game a reality. Give the people what they want.

Anyway, are you hoping to see Sonic at The Game Awards? Is it time to see more of the hedgehog's next game? Spin dash the comments section below.