Snowy haulage sim SnowRunner’s ongoing support rivals the very best service games on the market, and developer Saber Interactive has rolled out a chunky update this week with Haul & Hustle, which includes a new map inspired by Maine. In this paid content – part of the Year 2 Pass – you’ll be commandeering the Aramatsu Forwarder and Tayga 6455B in order to rebuild a forestry depot. You won’t even be able to refuel until you’ve setup a proper garage, so a huge challenge awaits.

If you don’t have the latest Season Pass, don’t worry – there’s a reason to return. The studio has added in crossplay as previously promised, as well as a fully-fledged Photo Mode and a bunch of new vehicle skins – all, of course, for free. So there’s plenty of incentive to fill up and head back out into the tough terrain – unfortunately, there’s still no word on that long anticipated PlayStation 5 patch.