It's a big day for Bandai Namco RPG Scarlet Nexus as update 1.05 drops alongside a second DLC pack full of new Bond episodes and abilities. Both are available now on PlayStation 5 and PS4, with the general patch being free and the Bond Enhancement Pack 2 costing £6.49/$7.99. It's also part of the season pass if you've already purchased that.

10 new bond episodes are part of this second DLC pack, which are intimate cutscenes between two characters that allow them to develop their friendship. Levelling these bonds up then unlocks new abilities for use in combat. Also included in the DLC is a Youth Attire costume and weapon set.

As for the free content, there's a new Battle Simulator mode. If the trailer above is anything to go by, it looks like you'll be able to choose an opponent for battle and see how you fare outside of the main campaign. New hooded costumes and weapons are also included in the free 1.05 patch.

In our Scarlet Nexus PS5 review, we concluded: "Scarlet Nexus is an enjoyable, polished action RPG, but despite its interesting concepts and setting, it all feels a bit stunted. An intriguing plot is hampered by sloppy storytelling, and the combat system is good fun, but it loses its edge long before the credits roll. If you can play past the game's flaws, there's a lot to like about the brain punk world of Scarlet Nexus — just don't expect it to rewire your own grey matter."

With more modes and content, it sounds like the game is only getting better post-launch. Will you check out this new batch of Scarlet Nexus stuff? Let us know in the comments below.