Team Sonic Racing

Sonic the Hedgehog is a character known for his speed, but when we play his video games, we're usually very stationary. If you've always felt a bit of a couch potato while flinging the blue blur across the screen like a ping pong ball, you'll be pleased to hear about this new collaboration.

Yes, SEGA and Tesla have announced a partnership. and it's good news for Sonic fans. The original, 1991 Mega Drive game (Genesis, if you like) is coming to all Tesla vehicles in the near future. The brand of electric cars feature a built-in display and console for playing games, and soon, Sonic will be playable during those lengthy journeys.

The hedgehog is coming to all existing models as well as any new ones, and you'll be able to wire up a controller and play Sonic 1. At last, you can match his speed by playing the game while travelling yourself. We wouldn't recommend trying to play it while driving, though — this might be a passengers only sort of thing.

Still, it's pretty cool, right? Are you a Tesla-owning Sonic fan who would like to play his first game while on the move? Those who fit that specific brief, let's hear you in the comments section below.