December is here, and that means the world begins to turn its attention towards Christmas. The festive season is here, which means you'll start hearing Slade in shopping centres and panic-buying last-minute gifts. It wouldn't be Christmas without all the food, though, and for many, gingerbread is as festive as a yule log or a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. PlayStation is clearly feeling the holiday spirit, as it's hitting the gingerbread hard in the below tweet.

Yes, the spiced biscuit is the star of a fun collaboration between PS Sweden and retailer Webhallen. Artist Caroline Eriksson has not only built a cityscape from the delicious treat, she's also recreated a trio of iconic PlayStation characters:

Kratos, Aloy, and Ratchet are the main attraction of this edible piece, and they look pretty great, don't they? Okay, so they're not super perfect, but definitely better than we could do. We're pretty good at eating gingerbread, could maybe make some to serve on Christmas day, but building large scale models? This is the most shocking baking-related thing we've seen since Jürgen didn't make the final on Bake Off.

You can watch a teensy bit of how these gingerbread models were made below:

What do you think of these three PlayStation icons in gingerbread form? Try not to make a mess in the comments section below.