Mortal Shell

It's becoming an all too familiar story: the latest lineup of PlayStation Plus titles has just become available in a couple of territories, and Mortal Shell cannot be upgraded to the native PS5 version despite advertising being able to do so free of charge. This means that the version part of PS Plus is blocking the ability to do so, with a £24.99/$29.99 cost still attached to the Enhanced Edition after claiming the standard PS4 version through Sony's service.

We're unable to claim the PS5 upgrade, and reports across social media are saying the same. This also happened with GreedFall and Final Fantasy VII Remake when they were part of PS Plus too. The same goes for The Persistence last month, but the offer was later updated to allow the standard PS4 version to upgrade to the enhanced PS5 edition for free. There's a possibility the same could happen here, but we have a hunch the fact that Firesprite Games is now a first-party studio had something to do with that option becoming available a few days later.

So, there you have it: Mortal Shell will stick with the standard PS4 version on PS Plus instead of allowing you to upgrade to what's native to PS5. You've still got a good game on your hands, but you'll miss out on 60 frames-per-second, a 4K resolution, and improved textures. "Upgrade for free," the PS Store description reads. Not if PS Plus has anything to say about it.