Here’s a new, two-minute teaser trailer for CyGames’ promising upcoming action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink. This one has been hitting headlines for some time now, but the PlayStation 5 and PS4 adaptation of the popular smartphone series will finally conjure a release date some time in 2022. It’ll also be coming to the PC, so is no longer PlayStation exclusive.

There’ll be two modes in the final product: the single player story and quests which can be played by up to four people in co-op. “A new chapter of Granblue Fantasy unfolds in the skies of Zegagrande,” the blurb reads. “Customise and develop characters, collect treasure, and so much more! With easy, normal, and hard difficulties to choose from, it accommodates players of all playstyles.”

In the co-op quests, you’ll be able to “utilise the items and experience you’ve obtained over the course of your journey to tackle an array of challenging battles”. There’ll be interactive lobbies for you to hang out in, but you’ll be able to summon CPU allies if you desperately don’t want to play online. Is this on your radar at all?

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