Flippin' heck, February is filling up. We'll all be praying for our wallets as January rolls out of view, and one more game has been thrown into the mix. The super stylish skateboarding game OlliOlli World has now been confirmed for release on 8th February 2022.

Coming from developer Roll7 and publisher Private Division, this is the third entry in the series, and sees a move away from the pixelated world and into a cel-shaded, 2.5D environment. It looks great, with art inspired by skating culture and what sounds like a very nice soundtrack.

The new trailer gives a brief overview of what to expect. The main attraction is the array of twisting levels full of opportunities to trick and grind to the finish line, racking up as big a score as possible. That gameplay fans love has been bolstered with wall rides and alternate paths through a stage, and it looks great. Additionally, there will be lots of quirky characters to meet, a fully customisable avatar, new gear to unlock, and some neat online features. As well as competing for the best scores, you'll be able to seed brand new courses and send them to other players, regardless of platform.

The game's available for pre-order now, and doing so will earn you some bonus in-game items. Are you excited for OlliOlli World on PlayStation 5 and PS4? Grind into the comments section below.

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