Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Sony bought Nixxes Software to help with its efforts in the PC space, and it looks like that team was put straight to work on Horizon Zero Dawn since the purchase. The Guerrilla Games Twitter account posted this morning about the recent 1.11.1 patch on PC, and then followed up by thanking the recently acquired studio. "A huge shoutout to our friends at @NixxesSoftware who helped our teams with the recent PC patches," the tweet read.

The update added support for NVIDIA's DLSS technology as well as AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. Shader compilation was also touched up to help reduce load times. While the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn drew a lot of criticism upon its launch, the game has been worked on continuously since to get it up to scratch. Nixxes Software is famed for quality PC ports, so its help on the project will only strengthen things.

Next up for Sony is a PC port of God of War, and then a version of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection for the personal computer. While the latter is being worked on by Iron Galaxy, it would come as no surprise if Nixxes Software is lending Sony Santa Monica studio a helping hand with getting Kratos up and running on PC.

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