You didn't think Warner Bros would sit on that controversial patent and never use it again, did you? Originally part of the Middle-earth titles on PlayStation 4, it has been confirmed that Monolith's new Wonder Woman title will also feature the Nemesis System. The game will also be single player and tells an original story in the DC universe.

While the announcement trailer gave very little away beyond the look of Wonder Woman herself, the accompanying YouTube description reads: "The single player open-world action game will introduce an original story set in the DC Universe and allow players to become Diana of Themyscira in the fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world."

It goes on to explain how the Nemesis System will allow players to "forge deep connections with both enemies and allies as they progress from a heroic fighter into a proven leader". The feature has presumably been upgraded in the years since Middle-earth: Shadow of War with new hooks and ideas. The team is now hiring for various roles on the project, suggesting Wonder Woman is still at least a few years off actually relesing.