It feels as though Knockout City only got started with its third season very recently, but it's actually been going for nearly two months now. Time flies! Season 4 of the dodge-brawler is now closing in, and this time, the theme is Alien Invaders.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game is going sci-fi with its next update, and the season change brings with it a bunch of new stuff to see and do. A new map is the focal point as usual, and this one looks pretty great. Alien Smash Site takes place on a farm, and sees UFOs floating around the arena. Stand on top of one of these, and not only can you use them to hover over the map's large pits, you can "abduct" a ball from a player below and throw it back down.

Throughout the season, special events will be introduced, and these will bring all new modes into the fold. There have been some great variations on the standard game, so we're excited to see what else Velan Studios can come up with. Of course, a new season also means new cosmetics, and this one will bring all the sci-fi, alien goodies you could hope for. There will be a refreshed Brawl Pass to work through, plus plenty of new bits and pieces in the game's shop.

Season 4 starts on 7th December, and remember — the game is currently on PS Plus, but not for much longer. Will you be invading Knockout City? Beam us up in the comments section below.