The first expansion for Jurassic World Evolution 2 has arrived, turning back time to the Early Cretaceous period. The add-on – available now for £5.99/$7.99 – adds “four thrilling ancient animals” to the outing, including “land-dwelling dinosaurs, marine and flying reptiles, as well as a host of new dinosaur and reptile dig sites to unearth”.

The additions include: the Kronosaurus, a carnivorous marine reptile; the Dsungaripterus, a “stout pterosaur easily identified by its comparatively huge head”; the small but mighty Minmi, and; the armoured Ankylosaur. You’ll be able to discover and add all species to your new and existing parks as you please.

A new update to the game, regardless of whether you get the new DLC or not, includes new buildings inspired by the original Jurassic Park, while various optimisations have been made to the user interface, allowing you to create richer dinosaur enclosures than ever before. The game’s actually on sale right now as part of The Game Awards, so it may be a good time to dig in.