Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Game Informer

Crikey, it looks good! Guerrilla has worked its magic once more, and while we’re still eager to see this in motion, here’s your first proper look at a town in Horizon Forbidden West. These screenshots come courtesy of Game Informer magazine, and we’ll redirect you to their website for the rest, but they look absolutely staggering.

The town is in Carja territory. We see Aloy navigating a bustling marketplace, and also exploring a tavern. These are PlayStation 5 screenshots because the snippy lead jumps off the screen due to her “hero lighting”, which is a set of parameters the Dutch developer is using exclusively on Sony’s new-gen console to give the game a glossy, photoshoot-style look.

There are also screenshots of a new machine named the Burrower, who operates a little like an otter. “We wanted to add even more character and locomotion to the machines in Horizon Forbidden West, so the Burrowers are very similar to otters or weasels: flexible, quick, and pretty ferocious,” game director Mathijs de Jonge told Game Informer.

When the Burrower senses danger, it’ll call for allies by making a high-pitched squeal, which it can also utilise as a stunning technique. Presumably, these won’t be the most challenging threats Aloy will face in the Forbidden West, but it’s the sheer variety of wildlife that appears to be included here that’s going to keep the gameplay fresh.

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