It's been a hot minute since we last heard about GRID Legends, the next entry in Codemasters' touring car racing series, but the team has just pushed out a tonne of new information. In the above new video, a couple of people from the studio talk us through some brand new gameplay footage as well as touching on new tracks, modes, vehicle classes, and more.

The new game is set to feature the broadest range of event and vehicle types in the series, with racing trucks and electric cars joining the supercars and other traditional cars you're used to. In terms of events, you have Elimination, which is what you'd expect, Electric Boost, which sees you driving electric cars and picking up boost along the course of a race, and Multi-Class, bundling together different vehicles in one big race. There are up to 22 cars per race, so things can get pretty hectic.

That's especially true with the AI drivers, which have been given "personalities" so that they don't always act the same on the tarmac. This, combined with a nemesis-style system, means races will feel more human; AI will make mistakes, crash, and react to your actions, potentially gunning for you if you keep ramming into them, for example.

Another major feature announced today is the Race Creator. This isn't a level editor, but it does let you tinker with all kinds of parameters so you can make your own custom events. You can obviously share whatever you've made online and challenge others to your race, so there should be some ridiculous stuff to play when the game launches.

Speaking of which, it's due out on 25th February 2022 on both PlayStation 5 and PS4. There's more detail over on the PS Blog if you're interested. Are you excited for GRID Legends? Tell us in the comments section below.