We almost forgot Evil West exists, but this new gameplay trailer has certainly put it back on our radar. Coming from publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior), this game sees a western setting invaded by countless nasty demons, and it's your job to clean up the mess.

The studio knows how to do chaotic, gory combat in first person, and it's now transposing that to a third person perspective. The result looks like a lot of fun, with a mix of melee and gunplay making for a blood-soaked rampage as you fight back against countless baddies. There's definitely a bit of DOOM in here — it looks similarly fast-paced and intense.

The game is set for PlayStation 5 and PS4 in 2022, but what do you reckon? Will you be playing Evil West? Has this trailer swayed you? Quick draw in the comments section below.

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