Thanks to a combination of really cool looking character reveals and a surprise open beta test, DNF Duel has exploded in terms of popularity. The stylish fighting game is getting a lot of positive press at the minute — and now we have a release window. As many had anticipated, the title isn't too far off; it launches for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in summer 2022. It's likely that DNF Duel is aiming to release before Evo 2022, which is scheduled for early August.

There's also been some speculation over DNF Duel being a free-to-play title — but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

In any case, DNF Duel is shaping up to be a pretty great fighter. We've been playing the aforementioned beta over the weekend, and it feels good so far. With a few more character reveals, we could have a real winner on our hands.

Are you looking forward to DNF Duel? Let us know who you're planning to main in the comments section below.