Destruction AllStars PS5

Destruction AllStars might not have set the world on fire when it arrived earlier in the year, but developer Lucid Games is still working hard to keep the motor running. A recent update from the studio on the game's subreddit indicates that pretty major changes are coming in the new year, refreshing the experience in some fundamental ways.

One area that's being given a makeover is the game's general presentation. With this update, the main menu will be completely different, making it clearer who you're partied up with, emphasising your challenges, and making navigation that much easier overall. When you're in a match, you might notice some subtle visual changes too. Examples given in the post include effects that make certain actions clearer, like double-jumping, and more pronounced effects that tell the player how hard they've struck another car.

The post-match flow has been streamlined as well, breaking down the XP you've earned and getting you to the next screen faster, so you can begin queueing again. If you quit to the main menu, any XP you've accumulated will be rewarded in bulk.

Perhaps the most interesting change, though, is how the hero and vehicle special abilities are earned. Currently, these powers charge up passively before you can use them, and you can charge them faster by collecting crystals on-foot. After this update launches, the abilities won't automatically charge. Instead, you'll need to perform certain actions. So, things like evades, car takeovers, wrecking other vehicles, and other actions will charge up those abilities, which puts more of an emphasis on people playing skilfully.

Apparently there's more to the patch than just the above, and Lucid will be telling fans about all the notes nearer the time. The update is pencilled in for January, so there's not long to wait to try out the improved Destruction AllStars. Will you hop back in to see how the game changes? Drift into the comments section below.