The off-road endurance event, Dakar Rally, is the perfect fit for video games – and, subsequently, we were largely impressed with Dakar 18, which depicted the 2018 incarnation of the annual event. SnowRunner developer Saber Interactive is now picking up the mantle with Dakar Desert Rally, a game inspired by the demanding multidiscipline race.

As you’d expect, you’ll be driving a variety of licensed vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to quad bikes and trucks. There’ll be settings for both simulation and casual play, as well as offline single player modes and online events. It’s all inspired by the 2020 and 2021 iterations of the event, so you’ll be responsible for plotting your path through a Saudi Arabian open world, trying to find the best lines.

Pretty cool is that there’ll be dynamic day-and-night cycles and weather, meaning you’ll have to confront sandstorms, deep mud, and much more in order to succeed. You’ll be able to tow competitors for extra points – as is the case in real-life – or leave them in the dust, all leading to dramatic in-game decisions as you fight to dominate the most gruelling rally event on the planet.