Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin PS5 Playstation 5 1

There was confusion overnight when the official Twitter account for action spin-off Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin revealed a trio of missions allegedly exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition of the upcoming Team Ninja title. This, as it turns out, was merely a miscommunication by the account, so you can put your pitchforks down.

“Pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin to receive three additional missions when they arrive: Trials of the Dragon King, Wanderer of the Rift, and Different Future,” the tweet teased. “These missions won't be available separately.”

However, a quick browse on the PS Store reveals that these additional missions are merely part of the game’s Season Pass, so you will be able to pick them up separately at a later date if you prefer. All’s well that ends well, then – although the overall quality of this game is still very much up for debate, we suppose.