Arcade Paradise, the coin-op management sim which will see you transform a lowly Laundromat into a gaming haven, has launched a new trailer showcasing the 35 playable minigames you’ll be able to enjoy in the upcoming release. In addition to purchasing bigger and better cabinets for your arcade, you’ll also be able to play the machines, and many of the titles are teased in the video above.

Arcade Paradise PS5 PlayStation 5 1

If you want to indulge your 90s gaming spirit and purchase a physical copy of this title, then pre-orders are open for both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 right now. For £19.99/$24.99, you’ll get a boxed copy of the release on Blu-ray, complete with reversible cover art, a double-sided poster, a graffiti sticker set, and a digital EP download.

We’re big fans of developer Nosebleed Interactive and its genre blending approach to game design, so we’re looking forward to dropping a quarter into this come Spring 2022.