Battlefield 2042 PS5 PS4

We're quickly approaching Christmas, which means it's time for all the live service games to theme their titles around the impending arrival of Santa Claus. Battlefield 2042 is no different with a new event called Attack of the Elves which pits a team of Santa Clauses against a horde of elves in a 32-player infection style mode. It's available for play now through Battlefield Portal and will stick around until 6th January 2022.

"The elves fell into a tank of special eggnog and are not themselves, in fact they've become quite vile and are threatening the seasonal festivities," the main menu reads. Those playing as Santa Claus do have guns but they can only fire from the hip while the elves have melee weapons and a grappling hook. If an elf kills a Santa Claus, that particular Father Christmas turns into an elf.

There are various Christmas themed items available for taking part, and you can play the mode on maps from the main game, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. Will you be taking part? Don the red costume in the comments below.

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