Deep Rock Galactic has been around for a while on PC and Xbox, but the game is finally making its arrival on PlayStation in the near future. Critically acclaimed and having now sold over three million copies, this is a sci-fi co-op shooter that blends mining and horde-battling combat. You'll be able to explore this one with your pals when it launches in January 2022.

Up to four players fill the boots of dwarven workers, tasked with mining resources from Hoxxes IV, a planet riddled with precious stones and hostile creatures. With each player taking on a unique role within the group, you must all work together to fulfil objectives while fending off any threats, combining your abilities to overcome obstacles. Stages are procedurally generated and are fully destructible, letting you tunnel between cave networks and freely go about your mission.

It looks like a lot of fun, and we can imagine it being a good laugh with a few friends. Søren Lundgaard, CEO and co-founder of developer Ghost Ship Games, is excited for the game to arrive on Sony's systems. "While it hasn’t been the best kept secret, we are delighted to finally come clean and stop hiding our long awaited arrival onto PlayStation," he says. "We are bringing the game to PlayStation fans at one of the most exciting times in the game’s development path, and are so excited to open the doors to a whole new set of fans."

The game will be launching on both PS5 and PS4 next month, and it's a pretty timely port. Deep Rock Galactic has just been updated with Season 01: Rival Incursion, which adds new weapons, enemy encounters, and more. The Performance Pass, a big new feature, is similar to a battle pass system, but it's completely free, and all content is unlockable by simply completing certain challenges.

It all looks and sounds rather promising, but what do you think? Will you be delving into Deep Rock Galactic in January? Forge a path in the comments section below.