More news was promised for January 2022, but as 2K Sports admits, it simply couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Here’s the headline: WWE 2K22 looks like it could actually deliver, after years of dreadful wrestling games. This is definitely a teaser trailer, with more information to follow next year, but it should be enough to have fans salivating.

The video emphasises ten additions and improvements, with the new gameplay engine, controls, and visuals getting top billing. The proof will be in the pudding on that front, but it sounds like the release will have the longevity that some of its predecessors have lacked as well. Yes, MyGM is making a return, putting you in charge of the “most successful brand in sports entertainment”.

Elsewhere, MyFaction will see you managing and mentoring a faction of superstars, while MyRise will plot your path from rookie to superstar. Then there’s Universe Mode and Creation Suite, which promise to give you unparalleled control over your game and the matches you want to see. Visual Concepts is talking a big game here.

From what we’ve seen around the web, wrestling fans are definitely excited by this round of reveals, and are eager to see more of what else the developer has to share. The release was originally due out in 2021, but has been delayed into March 2022. Bizarrely, no platforms have been announced yet, but we’re confident this is coming to the PlayStation 5 – and maybe even the PS4 as well