The Tomorrow Children PS4

Q-Games, the studio behind The Tomorrow Children, has announced it now owns the rights to the obscure online co-op game.

The PlayStation 4 title recently reached its five-year anniversary, although the game itself was shut down only a year after its launch. Sony has held the rights to the IP ever since, but in an unusual deal, the rights now reside with the developer:

"In a historical move by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Tomorrow Children is home again," the statement reads. Perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement is that the team "will bring back [The Tomorrow Children] in the future". It seems the studio is wasting no time now that the IP is in its hands. In a blog post on the developer's website, it's stated the team is "working hard to rebuild" the game and "bring it back to its loving fans". Q-Games founder and president Dylan Cuthbert comments further, saying he's "tweaking and re-working parts of the game every week" and that the team is making "quite a few changes for the better".

We recently spoke with him about the game and its journey, which is well worth a read given this new context. In it, he talks about changes he would make if releasing the game now, as well as his vision for a potential follow-up.

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