Geoff Keighley
Image: Geoff Keighley

The hype master himself, Geoff Keighley, has been working hard each year to turn The Game Awards into a huge end-of-year event, and it's reached a point where fans look forward to it as much as anything else. Airing each December, the awards ceremony also acts as a venue in which publishers make all kinds of exciting announcements. By the sound of it, this year's show will be the biggest yet.

A new interview has emerged on Epic Games' website, of all places, and it seems we're in for a pretty enormous showcase. Keighley says he's expecting 40 to 50 games to be present during the runtime "someway or another". That could range from a short promo of something releasing soon through to a trailer for something brand new. Speaking of which, the presenter estimates the number of new game announcements will be somewhere in the double digits, which seems like a lot.

Keighley comments that "pretty much every developer and publisher wants to have some degree of content on the show", so there should be a diverse range of games on display, potentially even from Sony — we can hope. Not one to shy away from getting people amped up, he adds that there will be some exciting next-gen titles that'll show off the power of these new consoles. "I still feel like we've only kind of sort of touched the surface of what's possible on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so I think you'll see some stuff in the show that is truly pretty stunning,” Keighley teases. “We’ll see footage of games that will remind people that the best of this industry is still to come.”

Of course, the other half of the show will be the awards themselves. Keighley says the Game of the Year award is "anyone's game" this year, commenting that there's "great tension" for the top gong. The ceremony goes out live on 9th December, in just under a month's time. Are you looking forward to it? Guess what'll take Game of the Year in the comments section below.