Solar Ash PS5 PS4

Solar Ash is creeping up on its 2nd December 2021 release date, and today its Trophy list has gone live on Exophase. It is a collection of digital trinkets that seemingly require multiple playthroughs if you want to unlock the Platinum Trophy, with gongs for finishing the game on the hardest difficulty setting and another for completing it in under three hours. Good luck doing both of those at once, and the Hardcore mode might not even be unlocked right from the off.

Elsewhere, you'll need to attain 100 per cent completion on a save file, pick up collectibles and what we assume is a currency called Plasma, as well as finish quests handed out by NPCs. Then there are what look like Trophies related to the story, so you can guarantee unlocking those before the credits roll.

For those who don't know, Solar Ash is the follow-up game to Hyper Light Drifter from developer Heart Machine, slated for release on PlayStation 5 and PS4. Unrelated to its predecessor, but it promises to be just as good. You can check out some gameplay through here. Will you be trying to unlock the title's Platinum Trophy? Start planning your own playthroughs in the comments below.