Skyrim Special Edition PS5 Upgrade

If you own The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition on PlayStation 4, you can now take advantage of the free PlayStation 5 upgrade. Head to the game's product page and you should see the option over on the right of the screen. The PS5 version of the open world adventure is around 16GB in size. It runs at 60 frames-per-second at 4K resolution, and boasts faster load times.

Meanwhile, if you're still playing on PS4, you can enjoy a free update (1.20) which adds support four Creation Club DLCs to the experience (access to these DLCs is also included in the PS5 upgrade). All you need to do is click the 'Creation Club' option on Skyrim's main menu, and then download the Creations that are marked as 'free'.

The DLCs are as follows:

  • Saints and Seducers - A couple of new quests.
  • Rare Curios - New items that can be used in alchemy.
  • Survival Mode - Adds a survival system where you'll have to eat, drink, sleep, and stay warm.
  • Fishing - Adds fishing, obviously!

And then there's the Anniversary Edition. Skyrim Anniversary Edition bundles in every Creation Club DLC released to date, alongside loads of new ones. It's a full price release at £47.99 / $49.99, but you can upgrade to the Anniversary Edition at a significantly discounted price if you already own the Special Edition. The upgrade costs £15.99 / $19.99.

Phew! Are you going to be playing Skyrim again? Tell us if you're upgrading in the comments section below.