The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim turns ten years old on the 11th November. And if you haven't already heard, Bethesda is releasing the game again. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition arrives on PlayStation 5, packaging the massive open world adventure and its expansions alongside a whole load of Creation Club content. New quests, player homes, weapons, armour, items, systems, and more have been added.

If you already own Skyrim: Special Edition on PS4, you can take advantage of a free PS5 upgrade. Owners can also upgrade to the Anniversary Edition for a discounted price.

Anyway, Anniversary Edition's launch trailer is embedded above, reminding us that Skyrim first released a whole decade ago. And yes, that is a Push Square accolade right at the start of the video β€” although it should be noted that it was just one of our Games of the Decade. Sneaky!

Will you be journeying back to Skyrim? We dare you to finally awake in the comments section below.