Sifu has dropped two new gameplay trailers, which should give everyone a much better idea of what the stylish beat-'em-up is all about.

The first video, embedded above, details the game's crunchy looking combat. As expected of the developer that brought us the brilliantly animated and surprisingly in-depth Absolver, Sifu's action is made up of perfectly timed dodges, defence-breaking parries, and all kinds of moves and combos that have different effects. The system as a whole seems impressively dynamic.

And then there's the unique ageing mechanic that's at the game's core. When you're killed in Sifu, you can choose to revive at the cost of your character's youth. Every death means that you grow older, but there'll come a point where you'll be too aged to actually come back from the dead. Get wiped out for good and you'll have to start over ā€” but you'll be able to carry across knowledge of enemies and level shortcuts on your next attempt.

All of this should make for quite a tense action title, but are you sold on Sifu? Don't drop your combo in the comments section below.